Southside Johnny

I know what you want
I know what you need
A girl can live on just sweet nothins

Security, she's got to have security
Something she can show `em for all her time
All her time

A nice big rock
Or just that little ring
Your sweet talking don't mean a thing

Security, she got to, got to have it
Security, the girl really needs it
Against the day when love starts its long decline

She don't wanna wake up
Poor and destitute
She knows how love goes
It's never absolute
You might swear she could never be replaced
And she'll believe you, but just in case

She'll need a piece of the rock
If you decide to roll
The girls got insurance that she can consult

Security, she got to keep on looking smart
Security, little checks from the heart
You're drunk with love but you gotta
Sober up sometime, don't ya?

You might tell the truth
You might be a liar
She don't know it so she'll require

Security, your heart is running a race
Security, hers beats a nice, steady pace
Your cold, wet feet will get plenty of time to dry
All she wants is
S-E-C-U-R-I-T and a Y
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