Michael Jackson Is Not Dead


Michael Jackson has repeatedly said that he wants to live forever
He thought of himself as Peter Pan and lived in Neverland
Reports say that he even slept in a hypobaric chamber to remain youthful
He was also a vegetarian and only had one meal a day to extend his life
Michael is known for having done yoga and meditation
Given all this, he was a health consciencous person
So why on earth would he do a drug overdose and kill
Himself with persecription drugs
The truth is that this was all set up, all set up...

Michael Jackson is not dead
Ooooh Oooooh
Ooooh ooooooh
Michael Jackson is not dead
Oooooh ooooooh
Michael Jackson is not dead.

Lisa Marie Presley has said that Michael Jackson hade told her
Exactly how he would die years before
So this is something that Michael had been planning for a long time
So he was just looking for the opportunity to pull it off
Michael Jackson wanted to know how the world would react to finding out that he had died

AEG did not contract Michael Jackson for the 50 concets
Instead the entire motive was to stage his death
Today Michael Jackson is living under a new identity
His need to be in the spotlight will lead him back in front of the cameras shortly
35 eye witnesses spotted Michael Jackson running through
The Miami International Airport on September 30th 2010
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