1. 1

    Sparkle - All I Want

  2. 2

    Sparkle - Be Carefull

  3. 3

    Sparkle - Don't Know Why

  4. 4

    Sparkle - Everything

  5. 5

    Sparkle - Games

  6. 6

    Sparkle - Good Life (feat/Cam'Ron & Nature)

  7. 7

    Sparkle - I'm Gone

  8. 8

    Sparkle - Into My Life

  9. 9

    Sparkle - It's A Fact

  10. 10

    Sparkle - Lean On Me

  11. 11

    Sparkle - Lovin' A Man

  12. 12

    Sparkle - Lovin' You

  13. 13

    Sparkle - Never Can Say Goodbye

  14. 14

    Sparkle - No Greater [Prelude]

  15. 15

    Sparkle - Nothing Can Compare

  16. 16

    Sparkle - Play On

  17. 17

    Sparkle - Plenty Good Lovin'

  18. 18

    Sparkle - Quiet Place [Prelude]

  19. 19

    Sparkle - Somebody Else

  20. 20

    Sparkle - Straight Up

  21. 21

    Sparkle - The Ghetto

  22. 22

    Sparkle - Time To Move On

  23. 23

    Sparkle - Turn Away

  24. 24

    Sparkle - Vegas

  25. 25

    Sparkle - What About

  26. 26

    Sparkle - When A Woman's Heart Is Broken

All I Want


Oh, oh
Hey, whassup?
Yeah, it's me, whatchu doin'?
I'm just here by myself, that's all
You know what you need to do
You need to get up and get over here
Right now

Another lonely night again, all alone by myself
Layin' in this empty room, kinda dark, kinda cold
I need someone to lay with me, hold me tight all night long
Take away this emptiness and fill it up with some romance

1 - All I really want is someone to love me down
All I really want is someone to come around
All I really want is someone between my sheets
All I really want is someone here lovin' me

Don't wanna talk no more, just get right down to it
Put it on, that way no need to stop again
Just wanna feel your body deep, like deep inside
Before you get yours, be sure that I get mine
A couple times

All that I been thinking 'bout
Is you on top of me
All that I been dreamin' 'bout
Is you here lovin' me

Repeat 1

I just can't believe the way you're makin' me feel
My body's shakin', skakin', I just can't keep still
And when you're talkin' dirty, sounds so good to me
It's such a burnin' bed you'll see
Because you're giving me what I need

Repeat 1

Round and round we go, go, go
Up and down, real slow, slow, slow
Ooh it feels so right, right, right
We'll be up in here all night, night, night

Repeat 1
Repeat 1

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