Goblin's Song


Hey lai la hey, lai la hey, lai la eh

Well-hidden in this woods
There's a place I've been
Behind those oaks
A powerful secret lies
Magical is the atmosphere
Enveloping every thing
The path leads to a clearing
Forgotten by the time

Now we are in the place
I've dreamt many times
All is exactly
As it was supposed to be
Strange creatures are taking part
In a primordial rite
Nothing can stop us
The Children of the Night

Take a chance
To join this dance
All that is, will be revealed
Release your mind
And goblins, goblins all around!
Can't you see?
Everything is more clear
To me and to you
But don't forget
(We've) goblins, goblins all around

And we dance
In this endless carousel
Can't you feel the mystic
Power rising from the ground?
No more bad thoughts
We can leave the world behind
Just keep in mind
(We've) goblins, goblins all around
Goblins all around!

Our most amazing dreams
Are living through this place
We dance into the fire
Leaving our world behind

We've touched the power
A vision of forbidden
These funny creatures
Are (our) blood brothers
Leaving the foolish
Far from us, far from us!

Take a chance
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