Nobody Knows You When You're Down And Out

Spencer Davis Group

Once I lived a life of a millionaire
Spent all my money, didn't have a care
Taking all my friends out for a mighty good ride
Bootleg liquors, champagne and wine
Then I began to fall so low
Didn't have a penny and no place to go
If I ever lay my hands on a dollar again
I'm gonna hold on to it till the eagle grins

Nobody loves you when you're down and out
In your pocket you ain't got one penny
And your friends you don't have any

Well, just as soon as you've get back on your feet again
Here they all come the same old year long lost friends
I thought that it's mighty strange, but without a doubt
No, nobody loves you (let me tell you)
Nobody needs you, hey, hey
Nobody lo-loves you when you're down and out
No, hey, hey, hey
Nobody needs you, nobody loves you
(I gotta tell you one more time)
Hey, hey, nobody lo-loves you when you're down and out
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