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Spies Like Us

Hardly even breathing let the air release from my lungs, I will lead the life I was after
This will be the day I'm set free from my weakness

I am the honest traitor
And it defeated me, but I'm in rapture
You cannot see what I've weathered
With or without you the story continues

Now I stand higher than my demons
I'm in a place where no lie, no distraction, and no fear will enter my mind
These thoughts will wander, I am held captive no more
Enhance the senses that we have, and find our way
Your life will expedite this, you are not alone

I'm an entity mistaken for an image
And there is more to me than meets the eye
This will not be taken from me again
I'd rather die than to see through your eyes

To find a brighter way just leave it to your fate to guide you through
What's destined for you life should be determined by a sacrifice

I will be the one to terminate you
I will never feel grief for eternity
You shall feel the power
I grant myself this life, I live in reason

I cannot bear to be what you have become this time
Bring on the test now, I will conceal my world
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