Another Day

Spirit's Breeze

The Sun is already rising
and one more morning
is about to start in this part of the world.
Many awakening, others
haven't slept yet and some
have finished their journey on the Earth.
It's seen all around great natural
catasthophes happening and rumors of new ones to come,
While life gets lost in greed, hedpnism and selfishness, the
Intolerance among the nations is shown in even worse and banal ways.
Which ways has mankind chosen?
How far are we going this way?
The truth is creation has
turned its back to their
Creator resolving to go their own way.
And the one who is sovereign
over everything, thought
his words has done prophesy of these events that now surround us, we
are near the end,
Repent yourself and trust in the Lord Jesus and he will bring it to pass
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