Two Of Hearts

Stacey Q.

I need you (repeat)

** i never said
I wasn't gone tell nobody, no baby
But they good lovin'
I can't keep it to myself, oh no
When we're together
It's like a hot coals in a fire, oh baby
My body's burnin'
So come on heed my desire
Come on, come on

*two of hearts
Two hearts that beat as one
Two of hearts
I need you, i need you
Two of hearts
Two of hearts thats beat as one
Two of hearts
Come on, come on

People get jealous
'cause we always stay together, yeah baby
I guess they really want
A love like yours and mine
Together, forever
I never thought than i
Could ever be this happy, yeah baby
My prayers were answered
For your came in the nick of time

***i got this feelin'
That you're goin'to stay
I never knew
That it could happen this way
Before i met you
I was falling apart
But now at last
I really know that we are


I need you (repeat)

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