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In My Life

Stan Bush

Seems like the road's been too long
And I've been travelin' alone forever
Then I met you
It's somethin' happened to me
Like we were meant to be together
It's been so long
Thought I could never change
What came over me
I can't explain

A feeling I've never known
Before on this earth
Finally my search is over
I've been around for long enough
to know you're the one
And there's somethin'
I thought you should know
I want you in my life

I gotta say
This might be way outa line
But I'm a fool every time I'm around you
What's goin' on?
I've never been crazy like this
Never knew what I'd missed til I found you
I could tell myself
This is only just a dream
But this is way more real
Than anything I've ever seen


We're gonna live every moment, we'll stop time
Everything that you are just makes me feel alive
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