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A Place Where I Can Breathe


i only wanted such a little thing
only simplicity
and now that i am who i was taught to be
you have abandoned me
i held so tightly to every word you said
that's the price of the respect you've always demanded
and all those things i've gathered through the years
have no value here

i need to find a place where i can breathe
somewhere high above this empty landscape
where the air is clear
and i need to find it while i still can

in a world like this
how can you wonder at my sadness?
now i hope for something beautiful
but i feel trapped under your waves of wreckage
and if i cannot claw my own way through
i fear one day i will be just like you

in this land of vacant stars
in the backseats of desperate cars
in single-mother topless bars
we ache for something more
your sons and your daughters
are unwilling martyrs
to the devils, priests, and other thieves
and their wars and rumors of war
i need a handgun and a hand grenade
to protect me from those who keep me safe
still i remember you straight face:
"Some day this will all be yours."
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