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When We Were Kings

Steel Warrior

Spirits of trees, keepers of the forest
Sweet companies, here in my exile
My lonely whisper, taken by the wind
Signs of my kingdom, far away from me

In the edge of dreams when I'm alone
A past of memories is gone
I live through this pain
Holding on forever
The warrior prays

Cold winds of truth, could I believe you?
I waste my life, bleeding in the sacrifice
Unholy prison, my faith is rusting in this chains
Praying for the fight, and waiting for this day

For all those years I felt the cold
The nights alone so far from home
The day I die again
Holding on forever

Hold the ashes of my life,
saddle horses to the fight
Where the eagles die
When we where kings
Every night after the storm
I see the gods playing in the stars
Shining skies
When we where kings through the times
The voices whispering my name
A king without the heroe's blade

(solo Boon)

The raging winter, it frozed all my tears
In this quiet exile, a heart of ice
Forgive me father,
my future now is in your hands
Try to heal my soul, I'm coming back!

(solo Deny)
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