Years you have wasted
Groping around in the dark
Chasing memories which you've lost in this place
Is there the daylight?
Or just a vision you see?
Turning left then right, can't control your maze

There is a door, you can't find the key to it
Slowly your hope disappears
Was there a shine? But you can't return to it
Helpless you run from the ghosts you created

Why are the walls so cold?
Why are you alone?
Maybe you've got some friends beyond the iron doors
Prisoner in your own world
Seeking for the way out but somehow
This labyrinth means so much

Once you were free, can you remember?
Free from the walls made of sorrow and fear
Where is the key? (Oh, God, where?)

Friends you have trusted
This corridor swallowed them all
And the moor of your sadness is growing
Don't look behind you
Probably you'd see a man
From the eyes of whom black tears are falling

The place where time stands still
And silence is the king
If your heart is full of anger howl into the wind!
The key lies in your soul
You can try to find it but somehow
This labyrinth means too much
This labyrinth is your life
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