Steelhouse Lane

A cold night, it's a quarter to three
I don't like what's happening to me
I've been lonely, so lonely
I need you next to me

This empty bed is bringin' me down
It's never the same when you're not around
And when you hold me, hold me, hold me
We're on dangerous ground

Hot love
Only for the moment
Your love
Always gets me through
It's more than a feeling
When I'm next to you

Baby, I'm addicted
You know I'm lost without your touch
Baby, I'm addicted
Once is not enough
I'm hungry for your love
Baby, I'm addicted

I know it's a matter of time before
I'm found at the scene of the crime
Because you told me, told me, told me
We're on dangerous ground
I've tasted love, I've sold my soul
I'm guilty baby and I think you know
That when you hold me, hold me, hold me
I'm gonna lose control
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