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Bare Your Heart

Steely Heaven

Hate is a strong feeling that makes all of us
Fall to the ground (fall to the ground)
Deliver your heart from this feeling and you will rise
Up to the sky (up to the sky)

Love is the key , to set your heart free

The world is already full of hate and we don't need more war We don't need more war I claim to the crowd ,follow this song and change what is wrong
Wrong with the world

Love is the key, to set your heart free

Life is so hard, to understand
But we should try , to live with in love
And we must fight ,to spread freedom and peace

A long time ago there was a world
Full of love and with out hate
They had a reign they had a king
And never fought for the ring
This world has vanished in time
But their wisdom lives forever in my mind

We have the right, to live in peace
But some of the crowd, sometimes try to stop our journey
But we are strong, and won't give up
We will live forever, just by our hearts

Life is so hard, to understand
But we should try, to live with love
And we must fight, to spread freedom and peace

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