Bossa Nova Sunday

Steve Conte

johnny and rosemarie are hosting you tonight
while the kids sleep dancing in their heads
there's gonna be swingin' guys, the big boss and his wife
and the champagne swirling bachelorettes

bossa nova sunday
gold lame` and deep shag blue
keep the records spinning
highball glasses clink on cue

raging on till twelve, the wilsons peter out
sid and joan drunk, dealing crazy eights
miss la rue's gone blonde and jb's got the gout
and the kids lay dreaming half awake

bossa nova sunday
daddy's got the playboy thrills
neighbors in the bedroom-
a case of champagne chills

bossa nova sunday, bossa nova sunday

bossa nova sunday
running out of dry vermouth
groovin' with the singles
nancy in her go-go boots

bossa nova sunday, bossa nova sunday
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