Daley's Gone

Steve Goodman

Richard J. Daley was the Mayor of our town
'til that cold day in December when
they laid him in the ground--
Daley's gone, one more round--
Daley's gone.

He was always known as the working man's pal
He grew up in Bridgeport and studied law at De La Salle.

He was first elected Mayor in 1955
when half the people here tonite
were not as yet alive.

When John Kennedy wanted to be President
he knew just what to do
he called up Mayor Daley
because he was Irish too.

When it came to building big buildings
no job was too tough
Daley built McCormick Place twice
because once was not enough.

There never was another man who could
inspire more love or hate
if you were in the park and it was 1968.

It would be funny if heaven was
just like the 11th ward
and you had to know the right people
to receive your just reward.

Richard J. Daley was the Mayor of our town
and when he died no suitable replacement
could be found.
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