Game Over

Steve Rushton

I'm kind of ordinary
To me you were sort of scary
But you seemed to like me
And that don't happen that much
So I threw caution to the wind
Gave you one half-hearted grin
That's all that that took
For you to try your luck

How was I to know you run hot and cold
That you'd get inside my mind

Level 1 you played me
2, you paused me
3, I realized
Your high score show
Your cheats don't work
Your 3 lives up, bad luck
Now, it's game over!

This is how its gonna be
That's what you chose to be believe
Made me stay in while
You were out with all your friends
I was advised to walk away
But you blinded me enough to stay
I'm through with all your all your lies
And this is where it ends

Yeah you played to win, I was taken in
But now you are out of time


No repeat chance, you blew it
You get no more clues
Now you're all out of special moves
Too bad you lose

Chorus (Repeat)
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