12 West Front Street

Steven Delopoulos

Driving down by the shore again
Gonna find me a local star
Shining bright in the middle of the night
Shining light inside my car, oh

Repeat 1st verse

Stepped outside my door
I walked on down the road
When the moon was big, oh
When my heart was gold, oh

Sent my conversations and my visions to the local queen
She lived on B street another local with the foreign dream
She talked of love and how it flew away
When the moon was big, oh
When her heart was gold, oh

Through the grain of sorrow
I'll be gone today
I'll be gone tomorrow
Through the light of day


Lying down on the grains again
I'm looking up at the mighty sun
I was clicking the radio on just to see what the world has done
I saw an old friend and I waved at her hello
When the moon was big, oh
When it's time to go
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