Run Like The Devil

Steven Patrick

Shadow on the wastelands
And the sun is sinkin'low
The hounds of hell are howling
In their father's house below
Swiftly as the crow flies
Trough the nights as black as coal
They're closin' in behind me
For the bounty on my soul

Shriejs if kaughter
As i chase the morning
The devil's comin
But he's never gonna take me

Well ride ' til the Son rises
Run like the devil
Gonna ride to the other side
Run like the devil

Somewhere in the distance
A bell begins to toll
As Lucifer is raisin Hell
As rooster starts to crow

Faith begins to leave me
As a chill runs up my spine
Black wraiths are upon me now
And they're screamin, Now you're mine!

The earth is mourning
And the skies are storming
The wraiths are swarming
But they're never gonna take me

But in the darkest hour
The time was close at hand
When the Son of the morning
Would rise and take the land
Then at last,
The brilliant, blazing, glory of the Son
Rose to drive the night away
Now the devil's on the run
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