Pretty World

Stevie Wonder

Why don't we take a little piece of summer sky
Hang it on a tree
For that's the way to start to make a pretty world
For you and for me

And for the sun we'll fine lemon bright balloon
You can hold the string
Oh don't you know that's little world of ours will be
The prettiest thing

We can gather rain enough for the stream
To hold our happy faces
When we want a breeze, I'll blow you a kiss or two
Take me in your arms and our little world
Will be the place of places
Nothing left to make but breakfast and love

We'll hang a little sign that just says Paradise
Population two
I know together we can make a pretty world
For me and for you
For you
It's what I long to do, to do
To make a world... for you
To make a world... with you.
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