Sister I'm Sorry

Sticky Fingaz

(featuring Choclatt)

[Sticky Fingaz - Talking]
I think one right here...
Is long over due
All ya'll
All ya'll

[Sticky Fingaz]
To all my sisters all across the world
I applaud you
I know can't nothing can't erase the pain we caused you
I'm sorry sister for all the times we used you
Hurt you, beat you up, bad and abused you
Raped you, took your womanhood, violated you
Betrayed you, you women, we supposed to praise you
Instead we called you hoes and bitches and dissed you
I was thinking "Damn, what if that was my mother or my sister?"
You never feel it, till it hits home
We abandoned you, left you all alone
With our babies in your hour of need
Left you all by yourself to raise our seed
And all the times we made you go wild in court
And had to fight us just to get child support
There is only a handful of us that handle our responsibility
I'm from a broken home; know this shit is killing me
How a man can make a woman a mother and a father
If men got it hard, then women got it harder
And I represent every man on earth when I say this:
Sister I'm sorry and I pray for your forgiveness

[Chorus- Choclatt]
Sister I'm sorry
For all the wrong I've done
Sister I'm sorry
I'm telling everyone
Sister I'm sorry
Nothing can change the past
Sister I'm sorry
Your forgiveness is all I ask

[Sticky Fingaz]
I broke a promise, cheated on you, lied to you
I ain't recognize the goddess that is the side of you
I know sorry ain't do it but my acts of faith
Made me overstay, hope it's not to late
But I don't understand is how we could hit our girl
And how we can bring a bastard kid in this world
I don't want my child being ashamed of me
Like "Mommy, where's daddy?" Wonder what became of me
Swear to life I don't know how ya'll made it all these years
Can't even look you in your eyes without mine filling with tears
You my sister, I respect and love you
You woman, men came from you
And he came from she
All men ain't the man that they claim to be
Sister I'm sorry, swear to god, please forgive me


Sister, I'm so sorry
Please forgive me

[Chorus] x2
I'm so sorry
I'm so sorry for hurting you
For mistreating you
For not loving you
I'm so sorry
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