I'm The Mountain

Stoned Jesus

Days go by but I don't seem to notice them
Just a roundabout of turns
All these nights I lie awaken on my own
My pale fire hardly burns

Never fell in love with the one who loves me
But with ones who love me not
Are we doomed to live in grief and misery
Is it everything we've got

I'm the mountain rising high it's the way that I survived
I'm the mountain tell my tale the greatest story's now for sale
I'm the seaside I'm the waves I'm the one that makes you crave
I'm the valley I'm the hills look at me I'm standing still

I'm the mountain I'm the plain tell me now am I insane
I'm the spirit I'm the source I'm the root I'm the doors
I'm the road long and hard running out of my heart
I'm the mountain climb me up and we never gonna stop

I'm the locker I'm the key I am who you want to be
I'm the reason I'm the blame I will never be the same
Mirror-mirror tell the truth of the old ones and the youth
Of the things we hide deep from ourselves
Mirror-mirror show me now what will I become and how
For now I'm just a mountain
I'm the mountain

Down the road that leads me to the headley grange
I see a figure of a young man
He's torn with doubts, mistakes, his selfishness and rage
But doing all the best he can

I'm not so blind to see
That this young man is me
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