1. 1

    The Storm - Don't Give Up

  2. 2

    The Storm - To Have And To Hold

  3. 3

    The Storm - Fight For The Right

  4. 4

    The Storm - Lokk

  5. 5

    The Storm - Noregsgard

  6. 6

    The Storm - Oppi Fjellet

  7. 7

    The Storm - Show Me The Way

  8. 8

    The Storm - Tomara Que Caia (part. Ayoofire, Jeall, Ark King, Lil Vxct, Aklipe44 e Yamashita)

  9. 9

    The Storm - Waiting For The World To Change

  10. 10

    The Storm - What Ya Doing Tonight

  11. 11

    The Storm - Balaclava (part. AyooFire, Saull, Sailler, Ark King e Yamashita)

  12. 12

    The Storm - Call Me

  13. 13

    The Storm - Can't Live Without Love

  14. 14

    The Storm - Come In Out Of The Rain

  15. 15

    The Storm - Gimme Love

  16. 16

    The Storm - Havard Hedde

  17. 17

    The Storm - I Wanna Be The One

  18. 18

    The Storm - I Want You Back

  19. 19

    The Storm - I've Got A Lot To Learn About Love

  20. 20

    The Storm - Ima Yora

  21. 21

    The Storm - In The Raw

  22. 22

    The Storm - Love Isn't Easy

  23. 23

    The Storm - Mellom Bakkar Og Berg

  24. 24

    The Storm - Nagellstev

  25. 25

    The Storm - Oppunder Skrent Og Villmark

  26. 26

    The Storm - Soul Of a Man

  27. 27

    The Storm - Still loving you

  28. 28

    The Storm - Take me away

  29. 29

    The Storm - Touch And Go

  30. 30

    The Storm - Villemann

  31. 31

    The Storm - You keep me waiting

  32. 32

    The Storm - You're Gonna Miss Me

Don't Give Up

The Storm

What would you give?
What will you get?
Why don't you jump right in and make a bet?
What's your chance of winning
If you never play the game?

You've heard it all
And you've had it rough
And you'd think by now you'd had enough
But something keeps you going
Something picks you up again
Oh yeah

Time and time again
You better face it
Hold on till the end
If you're wanna make it
Always keep your feet on the ground
Cause nothing in this world
Can keep a good man down

Don't give up, don't give in
Some days you know you just can't win
Don't give up, keep pushin' on
And let's hope it doesn't take too long
Don't give up

If you keep the fire
And you keep the faith
Then no one's gonna stand in your way
If you just believe it
Nothing's gonna stop you now

Take another shot
Keep trying everything
Give it all you got
Don't stop for anything
The world is spinning round and round
You know you're gonna make it
Cause it's your turn now

You wonder why the good things never come easy
Don't give up
No matter what you wanna do
Why should you wait?
You know it's never too late

Don’t give up, don’t give in
Yeah, you’re gonna win

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