All Along


(verse 1)
Feels like we're running solo
To where is that we don't know
But we're never on our own
(W're never on our own)
I now reveal the secret
Of dreams I've tried to live alone
The years of endless searching
For all I was lacking

But you still loved me all along
You tried to tell me
Change the things I'm doing wrong
But no, I didn't listen
You still loved me all all along
You were always with me
Knowing that I still belong to you
I feel so alive


(verse 2)
A promise made and broken
A shadow of the time I tried
When I began to leave your side
(began to leave, began to leave your side)
A memory forbidden
A pain that holds me to the past
I still wonder if I'm living or dying

(repeat chorus)

Why do I waste time looking?
Everything I desire is with you
I wonder as you remind me
Who have I become
The voice of my existance
Wants to love you and I do
I wait to only listen
And see your beauty resonating

(repeat chorus)

I know I feel so alive
Alive, alive
(I know I feel so alive)
I know I feel so alive
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