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Black Veil (The Word Made Flesh Ep)

Straight Line Stitch

Show yourself, show me your face, show me who you really are
Don't tell me the reason why you hide yourself from me is because you think that we are similar.
With blood on you hands (you are unclean)
Preying those who are depraved-
When yourself you know you cannot be saved
I know who you are you cover your scars
So many unshed tears to undergo a pain so severe
You try to take me by surprise i see it right through your eyes
Wicked malicious are blameless & faultless
Forgive you how can i? i can't even forgive myself
What (you) you take....you take from me
Please give me something to pull myself through
Don't you think that its way overdue?
Show me a sign....say its for the last time
Why would you do this? you could never explain this. why would you do this?
Never again
For the last time
Forgive you how can i????
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