Empty Words

Straighten Things Out

When will this mess ever end?
How long again will they have to bear the load of your insolent vanity?
Will we someday take off these blindfolds?
And finally dare to open our eyes on the outbreak of oppression
And what for years have been going on 2.000 miles away from here?

Our western governments pretend to care,
And only satisfy with their hopeless peace process...

Sidewalks have turned to cemeteries,
Without a single grave to rest in peace...
What's left of the light of hope that had been driving us...?
It flickers out and dwindles as we get bogged down in this shitty situation,
And we watch it slowly going out...

Our western governments still pretend to care,
Only satisfy with their hopeless peace process...

Hey, Mister Sharon, look at what you have done...
All these kids throwing stones
To your fucking tanks that pulled down
The schoolyards they used to play in,
They had better be in...
When will it end?
All our prayers misplaced...
Religions turn people into pawns
Fighting in the name of God,
But they're just lightening the way to an illusory freedom.
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