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Mrs. Brown's Teahouse

String Cheese Incident

When you get the notion drink of that potion
Just walk slow across town until you reach Mrs. Browns
Theres no need to worry or be in a hurry
Just tell them youre lookin and theyll get something cooking

Where you going man?
Mrs. Browns
What you say?
Where you going man?
Mrs. Browns Teahouse

When your mind travels far, youre gonna look to the stars
Just be sure the beach is always in reach
The music is thumping and the people start jumping
Keep track of your friends, youre gonna need them in the end


Grab a table in the sand and check out the reggae band
The red stripes all around while you soak up the sound
The waiter is moving like a robot is groovin
I cant take it no more so I head for the shore


Everybody got their own trip as you walk down the strip
Your life could be changed by a talk with a stranger
Someone told me a story they said that he knew me
He told me a rhyme that transcended on time, how we shared the same space,
Another time, another place
He spoke with a rush about how so many lives have been touched
I said, I remember it well, just how it felt.
Like an arrow of love had been shot from above

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