So Good

Stroke 9

who whoo whoo whoo
i sit here wishing that someone could see
the details in my mind of this fantasy
you want to know the truth
and there's nothing wrong
with thinking of all the ways you that turn me on i..
feel your fingers flowing on me and i
feel your breath like a warms breeze

your so good cus you never do what you should
your so hot just the thought and i probably could
your so bad and you had me at the first look
your so cool cus you never do anything by the book
who who who who who who who

we've been together for so long now
you never seize to amaze me and i'll never know how
you can always keep me back for more
i never know exactly what you have in store
first my mouth with the softest kiss and then
then my neck with your fingertips yeah
your looking at me and licking your lips
as you press up against me with the smoothest hips

your so good...

your so f*n good
your so f*n good
your so f*n good

this is all i want
this is all i need

this is all i want
this is everything

your so good..
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