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Exhumation of Virginia Madison

Strung Out

No one knows where I buried my sweet Virgina Madison
the winter chill falls over me
and keeps me numb inside

under the moon by the edge of town
she quietly waits for me

I promised it wouldn't be too long
till I returned to sleep with her

she says she don't wanna live no more
well I don't mind
no I don't mind

so now I'm waitin' for the crack of dawn
to head on back there
to the place where me and her will always be

now I got my Sunday vest
and I'm headed out that door
dig my fingers deep in soil just to get to her

all dressed in black and she's so pale
she's waiting there for me

a blanket of soil covers us
to fall asleep in eternity

and now I close my eyes

when I awake with a snap it was all a dream
I gotta empty bottle of something under me
I gotta really bad headache
my clothes are soaking wet
at times like this I wish I hadn't slept

star locked gaze, uneasy hands
then the dream fades away
and leaves my head

another riddle another dream
another fucked up fantasy
gotta learn to stay away from all this tv

she said she would always wait for me
well i don't mind
no i don't mind
so now i'm headin' to the place where i
burried my sweet virginia madison
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