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Lady It's Time To Go

Stu Nunnery

I don't know what to do but I have a few ideas
I'd like to play with
I finally have the option to destroy or salvage
Something I have gained
And I'm no longer tempted
Feel exempted from the pressures of a life time
So, I'll have my fantasies and let them take me
Where they'd like to go

I am content to have my bad days
No longer need to hide the pain
Lady it's time to go

I always knew the secret but I'd keep it to myself
Until it killed us
For when I was alone with you I'd trouble finding
words enough to say
You never really changed it, the arrangement wasn't
What I had in mind
And even though I loved you I had friends and time
I needed even more

Life is ahead for you and me
We have to be alone to see
Lady it's time to go
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