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Back With A New Batch

Stubborn All Stars

I'm back with a new batch
And a hatchet that I bought from scratch

I am putting down the pistols and the rifles
No time for such trifles
So just catch a hold to hear the half that never been told
You have already witnessed the shooting match so don't get too bold
And I am back with a new batch
Batten down the hatches, we are setting sail accross the version sea
Like walking on the Galilee, so take a little stroll with me
I'm back with a new batch and children shouldn't play with matches
And if your roof made of thatch I said the roof will catch
Look at that, watch that!

Don't make me read you the riot act
You know I am the man from way back
And if I attack, your mind will crack
Fracture your brain and drive you insane
So I tell you again, don't make me read you the riot act
Yes, I have put down the pistols and the rifles,
No time for such trifles, not seeking no battle,
I don't need to raise cattle, 'cause the milk is free
But mind how you watch me
And don't you take me for a milk cow

I will never forget the time you call me greedy
While all the while, a you who count my money!
Well watch that!
Because I am back with a new batch!

The proof is in the pudding
And by its fruits shall you know a tree
So go, go and watch over your pennies
As Jah Jah feed and watch over me

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