Bad Forest

Sub-Urban Tribe

Misty Voice Is Calling, Calling For My Name
Seducing Me to Enter, Giving Shelter From the Rain
Misty Voice Is Calling, Calling For My Name
I Can't Resist the Attraction, Lighting Up the Flame

Forest Is Unexplored, Forest Is Untamed
Forest Is Forbidden, It's Never the Same
It's Eerie
Forest Is a Riddle, Forest Is a Mystery
Forest Is Magic, You See What You Wanna See
It's Tempting

Like Sirens Trees Are Wailing
Waving Their Arms Invitingly
Enchanting the Lone Drigting Soul

Forest Is a Lung, a Perfect Place to Hide
Forest Is a Grave, the Haven Under the Sun
It's Eternal

Forest Is Just As Evil As I Am Inside
Reflecting Images of My Mind
Forest Can Deprive My Freedom
Drown Me in Her Deep Embrace
Or She Can Give Me Peace

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