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Blue Eyes Blue


I thought that you'd be loving me
Thought you were the one who'd stay forever
And now forever's come and gone
And i'm still here alone

You were only playing
You were only playing with my heart
I was never waiting
I was never waiting for the tears to start

It was you who put the clouds around me
It was you who made the tears fall down
It was you who broke my heart in pieces
It was you; it was you who made my blue eyes blue
Never should've trusted you

I thought that i'd be all you'd need
In your eyes i thought i saw my heaven
And now my heaven's gone away
And i'm out in the cold

You had me believing
You had me believing in a lie
Guess i couldn't see it
Guess i couldn't see it 'till i saw good_bye

You made my blue eyes blue
You made them blue
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