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Such Gold

I'm still looking for my piece of mind and nothing more.
My bad habits are building up and getting harder and harder to ignore,
Except when you're around but I've been spending so little time in this town.
I just hope that you see I just can't be who everyone wants me to be.
The pressure is too much and all I needed was just a little luck or so I thought,
But it's time to follow the dreams that we fought so hard for.
This is your chance to soar above the world outside your door.
I hope that when you fly your wingspan is not the size of your attention span,
Cause you'll never finish what you began.
And I'll be fine with myself and my life,
As long as my dreams aren't far behind.
I know what I want and I'll never lose sight.
So here's my advice: never let go off the things that keep you warm inside.
And I'm still looking for my sanity and nothing more,
I think I left it somewhere inside 55 Sycamore.
And now I'm chasing it on every tour.
I don't know what you thought; it's just my way of saying that I never forgot
What we fought for.
So here's my advice: hold on to whatever keeps you warm inside.
Trust me it's something that is too hard to find.
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