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Two Year Plan

Such Gold

In between the times when things seem real (and things are real),
You wake up so late.
And I've been up all morning doing my best to keep still.
The time it doesn't take
(All too familiar.) don't you remember the indifference?
(I always thought) we were escaping from it.
From a culture that's come to hate us.

But all that running gets exhausting,
So come back and see me.
So easy, just like breathing
Gotta get a job. Gotta earn some money.
Gotta feed your apathy for money. Yeah.

It’s always been the best way around impenetrable gates.
And everything has (and everything will change).
You had to save face and I was in a different place.
And the sun is priced so high these days.

Where did we stray?
Where did we stray?
(Where did we stray?)
I always thought we would escape. (where did we stray?)
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