Constant Urge To Kill


Choke on these words, you don't deserve to live. Breathe it in - it overtakes you. Your lungs, they
Start to fill. My new obsession is a constant urge to kill, setting my sights on you. Twist the knife
And open the wounds, they won't close. Now you float, you fucking float. Power is addicting. You
Life's in my hands. Holding your head down, just breathe, breathe it in. Spreading disease and treachery,
Tonight is goodbye. Pressure is building, waters weight on your lungs. Too blind to see you're
Worthless, you're all worthless. We are a plague upon ourselves, in the end we mean nothing. I hate
This place and everyone here. Come at me with all you have, I want to take you all. I hold no preference
For life, nothing is strong enough to take me, I know I want this; taking on everyone. Nobody
Will stop what I have become, because you see I can't give it up now. Here come the last thoughts
You'll ever think, it's time to sleep. Eyes closed forever.
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