1. 1

    Sugarbomb - Hello

  2. 2

    Sugarbomb - After All

  3. 3

    Sugarbomb - Bully

  4. 4

    Sugarbomb - Clover

  5. 5

    Sugarbomb - Gone

  6. 6

    Sugarbomb - Mail Order Girlfriend

  7. 7

    Sugarbomb - Motor Mouth

  8. 8

    Sugarbomb - Over

  9. 9

    Sugarbomb - Poster Child For Tragedy

  10. 10

    Sugarbomb - Waiting

  11. 11

    Sugarbomb - What a Drag



I feel so peculiar, i don't know what to say. but don't let me fool you... i'm not one bit afraid, no way. one thing's for sure, what i would I give to simply open thedoor and see your smiling face. Hello, hello, won't you come right in? i'd give anything just to see you again. Hello, hello, won't you come right in, step into my world where you know you're everything... everything i need. i'm suddenly hopeful whenever you're in sight, that's right. i talk about you all day; i whisper your name at night. whatever you need, well i'd give it, you should ask it of me, to make you feel complete. Hello, hello... i feel so peculiar, i feel so strange... ~ Sugarbomb-Hello

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