There's always pain in revolution
Giving birth, a life to evolution
You've got to hold your ground, take a good look around
All we need is a simple solution
We are gathered now in congregation
Peace and love is our communication
There is nothing to fear, everything's so clear
Here we go with our initiation

Where am I?
Please tell me the truth
Where am I?
Free me, will you?

There's no need for any aggravation
Segregation, degradation
All we need is the truth that is me and you
Getting any from the united nations?
Education? Ratification?
Absolution's simply masturbation
Get a hold of yourself, oh well, well, well
Can we get a little cooperation?

Where am I?
Do I really belong?
Where am I?
So lost and so gone

Who am I?
When am I to realize
Who am I?

Where do we draw the line?
Where do you draw the line?

Draw your lines, the truth is here but well confined

The truth is here but yet you hide

So well you hide
So well you hide

Still we dream the dream we dream
Still you dream the dream you dream

Of harmony
Can't you see that you are me?
Can't you see that I am you?

Love will see us through
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