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I'll Do It Right This Time

Sun Coast

Girl, I had my life in my hands.
I was hanging out with my friends.
But there was no meaning for life.
Girl, I was looking for something.
I didn't know what was it for.
I thought I was just wasting my time.
But I was searching for the love of my life
And somehow I found this one loving you.

I wanna make it work.
I'll do it right this time.
Cause I don't wanna spend my life (spend my life)
Watching you cry
I'll do it right for you.
You know it's true.
Our love is gone through tough times (through tough times)
I still feel your mind
I am missing you.

Girl, I needed someone to trust
To give my hug when I succeed
To give me support on my fails
Girl, I know we've made some mistakes.
We used to think in different ways.
I never thought I would feel so alive.
And now I know you are the love of my life.
And somehow I know that you love me too.


Whenever you need a friend.
I´ll always be there for you.

I'll do it right for you.

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