Look At Me I'm Twenty Three
Beautiful a Sight to See

A Little Dress to Draw the Press
And I'll Be Leaving
All the Rest Behind

Well Be Pleased Girl
If This Is What You Wanted
The Whole World Is Watching You Take the Stage
What Will You Say

Aren't I Lovely
And do You Want Me Cause
I Am Hungry For Something That Will Make Me Real
Can You See Me and
Do You Love Me Cause
I Am Desperately Searching For Something

I Close My Eyes Imagine Time
Will Not Forget
My Sacrifice

I Numb the Ache and Decorate
My Emptiness
Stand Naked in the Light

Well Be Pleased World
If This Is What You Wanted
This Young Girl Is Everything That You Made
What Will She Say

The World Goes Home
The Lights Go Down
My Lipstick Fades
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