Wear The Crown

Sunshine Anderson

[Verse 1:]
It was a stormy Sunday
I was sitting at the Waffle house when
You looked my way
I spilled grits and shit all over my face
Then you moved in closer
And It was brighter than the sun
Now I done played many numbers
But it looks like I finally hit one

Can I wear the Crown?
You make me feel like the new queen in town
You place me above the stars
Lets stay together lets do both our parts

But now what am I to do
I don't wanna get to serious as usual
But Love is so different with you
And I'm willing to bet it all
Side by Side on the throne
Doesn't matter if you're rich or poor
Know that we can groove baby
I'll be the Queen that you can call your own


Baby, you just...
U just caught me off guard
I just get this tingly feeling all over inside
Ion know what to do for real
Ion wanna say the wrong thing
Ion wanna move the wrong way...Damn!
(Can I)


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