A Bit Of Her


She walked by without a trace of life
It's torments on her face
Years ago my heart seemed just like hers
Whenever I remember her
A little more of light is there
So lucky, this short moment I could share

Hey! It ends
Life demands
The day is gone
But I am still no wrong

I get lost, I get sucked in
My poor own heart is giving in
I am gone the moment I recall
Sometimes it's better to forget
But sometimes it is not, I bet
So I just keep a bit of her with me

If ever I forget her face
Surely something's out of place
I'm sure my light must have gone a little dim
Cause since that day I know a smile
That makes time stand still for a while
Our city's rush will always be a sin


We have a lot to burn
We got a lot to learn
So many words worn out
I'm trying to find back


[Refrain: (2x)]
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