Miracle Worker


[Damian Marley]
Now this one reaching out to all the lovers
Who might be thinking of breaking up...huh,
Or maybe even macking up, check it

[Joss Stone]
I missed a part of you
I can't get back

[Damian Marley]
Don't be a silly nilly,
I'm always here for ya,
Through the thinck and thin,
Not just because we argue

[Joss Stone]
See, i wanted to be true
But i can't do that

[Damian Marley]
Why not, what's stopping you?
Don't be preposterous.
I've got a lot of love,
Not just a lot of lust

[Joss Stone]
If i only wasn't a fool
I'd be loving

[Damian Marley]
Well that's your own opinion
And ou're entitled to it.
I'll be lost in oblivion
If we don't continue through it

[Mick Jagger]
There's nothing wrong with you I can't fix!
I come a runnin' with my little bag o'tricks
In an emergency I'm very well prepared
My scapel, mask and gloves; don't ever get too scared

Ooohooo, you're a miracle worker
Ooohooo, you're a surgeon of love (you have a medical condition)
Ooohooo, can't wait to fix me up.
And I promise I'll be back again, if tou work your miracles on me

[Joss Stone]
Your mentaly was fresh,
It touched my soul
(invigorating and refreshing, and interesting, and it feels right)
My heart was drowning in stress,
But you brought out the best in me
(love has a tendency, so i've been told, and so it seems like

[Mick Jagger]
My love and laser will regenarate your heart
No need for anesthetics, i'll go check your charts
I will reshape you, recast you from the mold
A brand new beatiful woman will blossom from the old

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