Sweet Angel


All my life, I´ve been wandering around
Looking for someone like you
Don´t you know, what I´m talking about
You´re in my mind, doesn´t matter what I do

Didn't know what I was looking for
Was so close to me, was behind the door

You´re the sun in my life, my sweet angel
If there´s a heaven you came right from there
It does´t matter if all the lights are fading
Then you´ll be there to shine all my way

If I knew that I was so wrong
When you called me asking for a chance
Lifes´s a joker, and how could I know
If my heart was there, so far away

Now we can not spend no time
And I swear I´m gonna make things right

We gotta hold on tight, we gotta face the night
We gotta fight the world if we need at all

We gotta make it shine, we gotta make our line
We gotta make it worth
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