Gang is what you never really got to fuck with
Ain’t never got to fuck with
It’s good to be feeling yourself but don’t mess it up
Some call it the gang, the mob, celestials on the streets
And some call them social media influencers
The nature in this seems quite complicated to understand
In the beginning, there was the art
The key to pulling everything together, to form a figure
And also ironically destroy them completely
Money, money
I mean who really has an artlike definition to this term?
I just need that shit to buy new hoodies from Tokyo

Where the money at?
‘Cause we love that shit
Bands in my pocket and my bra
I hide that shit
You got the audacity to steal my shit
I put a hole in your face
That’s my art, gang, bitch
Money, art, money, gang
That’s my week spendings
Spread the mula on my face
Like I came and shit
When the gang talking
You better go and shut your lips
‘Cause if I hear you talking
We’ll jump on your bitch

Backin’ coupes
Vivienne Westwood underpanties
Then I'm beating chicas up
Just like I'm destined to it
SKOLOCT on my phone
Sko-locked up in my hoodie
And I'm riding with the bunny
Art gangers got the money
And I jump down, jump out boys
Group of teenagers go
Whipping your car toys
And you find yourself, done
You’ll get fucked, boy
neonen algo sipeodo mot ibeo, you fuckboys
I don’t get the message
You rappers keep on meaning

‘Cause naneun 1,000 dalleo baji
nae ot wieneun tokki
naneun meori hanbeon pulgo ni yeojachin-gul ppaetji
jakku nae saenggagi nandae, ni yeope isseul ttae, jeil
Tigers on my feet, art gangers muri
Designer muri, i'm on the boujee
naega mwo michiji aneun isang ni insaeng-i
gunggeumhal riga eopji, unless you pay me
naneun seoul dallyeo, tokkin dokyoeseo wasseo
yaya mobile low riders
dwie muffleren fire

With that bass
Sick enough to catch aches
This is my morning bitch face
And my money make face
Life is bright, that’s a motto
Vision bright with the goggles

See me gone, achime nun tteumyeon nan geogi eopseo
chin-gudeul doneul beolgo urineun manghal ri eopseo
Straight up, money makers
ni siya-e urin eopseo
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