Chapter 4 - The Waters I Traveled


Vastness around me, waves and endless sea
Swim hastily, scared by unknown deeps

Wake up

The thing under me hides beneath my feet
A secret disease - is it fake or real?

Awake on a salving shore ... The surges have ceased from me
It seems that a saving stream somehow has brought me here
Feel someone is holding me ... Wipes traces of wet away
And while all my fears dry out, it dawns on me: you're here

And here you calm me, safe me, guide me with your light
To wave the shadows, nightmares and my sweat aside

You listen so patiently ... To tales you don't believe
And that's why you're so incredibly valuable to me

Soak up my moaning, brave and brighten it up with your light
Endure my selfish, stories ... right by my side, right by my side

Light up the sea - little beacon, shine for me!
Define the stream that eventually leads me here!
Relume the deep - fill the ocean with your gleam, please, please

Light up

Wait and rest now, peacefully ... take a breath now
Still and silent, waveless sea ... for a while not deep
Calm and sound, in harmony - fade it out and leave
Dim horizon, dormant wind - the storm is hiding ... it hides from me

Something is rising now ... I start to feel it
Still subtle but not so far away
Below the surface of my life ... but you taught me to face it
You made me aware of my own line ... little beacon, you're my guide

That's why I care, why I feel, why you shine night and day
That's why I'm gracious that your light chases my secret fear away

Chase it away

Rain above me - brave the stormy sea
Swim vigorously - stand the obscure deeps

The thing under me tries to grap my feet
Lights, finally ... now I'm out of reach!

The moment I'll wake up - forever I will stay
And the waters I traveled will be million miles away

Miles away
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