she had said, don't cry
said it only hurts forever, and all we have is time
and she said, she will never know
so close your eyes, turn down the lights,
and I can start this show
yeah well I can't sleep, so why believe
if the shades are drawn, then she can't see
so don't look at pride, well there is no other
don't try to make no sense of this scene, it's just between caroline and
and we keep changing (anyway)
yeah we can grow like a board on the shore (floor)
she says I'm restless just a little more time
well you know damn well she wants to feel this high
yeah we knew just who we were
yeah well who we thought we'd try to be
and who it's gonna hurt
oh but if I said, if I was strong at all
yeah that I wouldn't be with someone else
I know where I bet all

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