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    Tai Mai Shu - Back Dat Azz Up

  2. 2

    Tai Mai Shu - Chinese Chicken (First Call)

  3. 3

    Tai Mai Shu - Chinese Freestyle

  4. 4

    Tai Mai Shu - Freestyle (Stupid)

  5. 5

    Tai Mai Shu - Gostava Tanto De Voce

  6. 6

    Tai Mai Shu - Got Rice

  7. 7

    Tai Mai Shu - Nair

  8. 8

    Tai Mai Shu - Ugly Girl

Back Dat Azz Up

Tai Mai Shu

"Now what i want you to do, is bend over and walk this way; like this?; No fool, back dat azz up; oh like this?; No like this; ok; your so silly; haha;. i said i love the way your ass shakes, its crazy, i'd love to toss a salad daily, its tasty, i love it when we're maxing, relaxing, you ask me if im super thanks for asking, dont you know, im a diva like zena, you say; hey senorita nice to meet ya; bitch open like a doggy here comes the loggy, we can do it like a monkey or a froggy, you can play with my pony, ride my sony, i dont like blowup dolls cause their too phony. you like it from the backside, the ruffride, so dip dip dip die!."
"Boy you look good need to back that azz up, your a big strong man, back dat azz up, call me big daddy wont you back dat azz up, Anton quit playin, back dat azz up. Call me big daddy wont you back dat azz up, boy you need to stop playin, just back dat azz up, call me big daddy wont you back dat azz up, all you need to do is back dat azz up."
"I love to be nude with the village people, i watch Mel Gibsons butt in the movie Lethal, Jump in your ass like im doing stunts canneval, shaka jelly like Austin Powers Dr.Evil, your ass doesnt know me im your gay bandit, anton your butts too hairy, i cant stand it, the big airplane's coming to land it, so spread your buttcheeks so i can jam it."
"i know you cant stand it, gay bandit, hoping around the big twirlie like a rabbit looking for a big man, a big man, send it deep inside like quicksand, looking for a big dick, i love the summa dick, back that azz up fast, but not quick.

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