Take No Glory


I sing this song to remind myself
Of who You are and why I belong to You
Unfortunately, without realizing
Sometimes I put the pressure on me
But there's nothing I can do, it's all just because of You

I can call You my Dad, I can cry out Abba Father
I can crawl in Your lap
And You will never ever be bothered
When no one down here will hold my hand
I'm so glad that You are my Dad

And constantly, I need to come clean
'Cause at times I forget that You're all I need
But You let me choose, so I'm choosing You
You're the arms that I will always run to
But whatever I do, it's all just because of You

Well of… course You're my Lord
And You'll always be King
And if You weren't my Savior I don't know where I'd be
But most of all I know You by the price You paid to be
A close and caring Father who adopted me
And now I call You my Dad
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