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Lonely destiny


*even though your not by my side
your still here inside my heart
no more in my life gone forever
I'm trying to find my way

**I was hoping for pa raet eot neun deh
I didn't wanna say goodbye
but i can't believe your gone

neol deo na poh naen pin ja ri eh seul peum eul al rah
keu choe deo na myon keu mna seh sang eh hol roh na man
nam ah it ta neun sa shil ee na neo moo sil roh ee jen neo daem eh na
neo moo him deul eo it cheu ryo hae doh it cheul soo eop neun mam
ah peun na deo na ji ma dan han ma di han ma di man "ka ji ma che bal"
ee jeh neun poh nae ya han ta neun pi cham han hyon shil ee nae gen deo keu na keun pool haeng in keol

*** Why did you have to leave me you took my heart
and disappeared
I'm trying it erase my memories tihis must be my
lonely destiny X 2

So really, why did you leave me I can't get you
lf my mind this is torture to me your all i ever
had now i'm left with nothing i can't ho on living like this
the only wish I gave left is to be by your side
just on more time

* repeat
** repeat

na eh pa eh seo seo keu reoh keh na reul it cheul soo eop ta go mal haet seot seo
wae na reul deo na kat seo
eon jeh na neo man eul pa ra poh deon keu reoh keh na man eul sarang hae joo deon
neo neun ee jeh neun ta shi neun pol soo eop seo noon ap eh kam kam hae oh neun
oh neul pam eun ha neul eh gi doh deu ryo nae noon eh noon mool ee heu reu neun nal deul eul
ji nae weo goom ka teun shi gan eul dwe dol ryo ee jeh neun keu man hal keh
hol roh nam eun na ma cheo seul peu ji ahn keh

*** repeat X 4
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