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Sounds Of The Ravage

Tales Of Dark

Like desolate dreams impaled on the thorns of awakening
My heart's desires shattered and uncovered to unworthy eyes
With all the blood left in me, rushing into my lips
By each crimson drop framed in its own distinction
I utter these words, caressing my loneliness

My soul's inertia - languished into a dead sleep
As you pour your bleeding sighs into mine
Drink up my inner sunset
Till I fall from your darkest grace
And let me become the ichor playing throughout your veins

Not of delights, but of grief-varnished fondness
These citadels obsidian our hearts hath exalted
Wherein we once danced in hectic stillness so charmed
Midst emotions cacooned, save but the ravage now resounds

With such fear enriched
I pronounce my valediction
As the delirious shades coalesce adrift
Left to bask in the predatory lights
Of Eden's scorn and derisive sight

Bequeath to me thy flaming disease
And let it die within and with me…
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